Super e-Z TAXI  -
Join the Team  We are developing smart applications to expand throughout Miami-Dade. Technology has changed everything and taxi business. Your phone is the easiest way to take on more customers and make serious business happen. Smart phone taxi requests are increasing at a very fast pace. Costumers are constantly online, looking to hire yellow taxis directly, searching on modern conveniences, more security and safety features. Secured cash and credit jobs are waiting in major areas of the county and Miami Beaches.

Qualified drivers: registered chauffeurs, experienced and knowledgeable, current leasers and owners of up-to-date, inspected taxicabs are needed. Be part of a great change today: please don't wait or call around; must complete and send in the following basic registration form to be considered:
First Name, Middle Initial and Last Name
Chauffeur Nunber (Hack License)
Email Address and Cell Phone No.
Company Name (PSC) and CAB NO.
Remarks: Include Type of Vehicle (Van, Wheelchair Etc.)
Facts: Although, Uber and Lyft cabs are not permitted to operate in Miami-Dade, they continue taking on customers. This has created a competitive work environment. The best way to show engagement, to be a significant presence in customers' perceptions, to make progress and to keep up with the reality of taxicab demands, is by using the same methods and systems.