Super e-Z TAXI  -
Taxi Service of Choice
24 Hour taxicab service provider managed by industry experts: customer service excellence is our priority; in addition to, driving you to places of interest, locally and outside the Miami municipality area.

Taxi callers need not only be responded to promptly and kindly, transported safely in comfort, also have the right to:

  • Outstanding service.    
  • Air conditioning as soon as you enter the vehicle.
  • The chauffeur taking the most direct route.
  • Be confident service is provided as promised.
  • A chauffeur who knows and obeys taxi regulations and all traffic laws.
  • A radio free (silent) trip.
  • Smoke and incense free air.
  • A courteous, knowledgeable of routes, English speaking chauffeur.
  • A receipt offered for the fare charged.
  • A clean vehicle inside, passenger and trunk compartments and exterior.

  • Know the chauffeur registration and taxi numbers
  • Be transported with standards set forth in the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Vistaprint Library Image of wheelchair vans1) Taxicabs are properly licensed and insured. Prominently marked with up-to-date inspection and operating permit decals, visible on both windshields from every angle.
The passenger carrier / service company (PMC / PSC)  affiliation name and telephone numbers on the sides.
2) Yellow Taxi Meter Rates are  listed on the rear upper-side panels and, airport flat fares with their zone maps, inside on back of the driver side passenger compartments.
3) Taxi Chauffeurs are registered and required to display their registration (name & number readable), in yellow taxis mounted on the dashboard next to the taximeter.

Inquiries on terms and conditions to use or reserve a taxi? please go to the Terms of use page, Taxi rates & fares page. Contact us or send in an easy form on the contact us page.

Ride sharing, cab business news and relevant demographic events are part of a complete UCAB2MIA taxi experience.