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YELLOW TAXI CAB SMART APPS We take pride on our associates: who are dedicated owner operators; trained, knowledgeable, licensed (registered) chauffeurs; current leasers and sole proprietors of late model, inspected and properly insured taxicabs. If you have these qualities as a driver, join a chauffeur team with a purpose.

Important warning about misrepresentation of taxi services and illicit activity: During the past 2 years unauthorized Uber and Lyft cabs have been operating without licenses, permits, and poorly insured; yet, continue to recruit unqualified drivers with criminal history, taking on customers in South Florida. Please, inform yourself through the proper sources: Miami Dade Passenger Transportation Regulatory Division 305-375-2460 or Economic Resources 786-469-2300. This has created a great number of issues and unbalanced costumer service experiences. Get news and share taxi events by following us on Twitter and viewing postings on Facebook UCAB2MIA Taxi News. 
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Taxi drivers must have ways to be engaged, be more accountable, be part of a technology change today. Please don't wait around; complete and send in the registration form to use advanced earning methods and achieve your goals, as a professional. We are taking in a limited number of drivers. Timing makes a big difference, complete your subscription